Enforcement of Association Rules and Architectural Guidelines

The Rules and Regulations of a Community Association are designed to insure that all members of the Association are treated fairly and can fully enjoy the common property and association amenities. When members are found to be violating the rules it is important for the association to engage enforcement efforts in order to maintain the peace and harmony of the community and to insure that the mandates of the governing documents are carried out. When an owner purchases a property in a deed restricted community there are certain expectations and obligations which the board of trustees has an obligation to monitor and enforce and working closely with the association attorney is an important aspect in carrying out that obligation. One important aspect of the Board's duty is to enforce architectural controls which are written into the governing documents and/or the Rules and Regulations. Aesthetic continuity in a planned community is important to maintaining property values and also to insure that the member's expectations when they purchased in the community are met. Our job is to help the Board to interpret the various governing documents and Rules and Regulations and to provide advice on how to enforce those documents by use of warnings, fines and, where necessary, court action.