Birth Injuries

South New Jersey Birth Injury Lawyers

Malpractice in Childbirth and Birth Defects

At Shivers, Gosnay & Greatrex, LLC, we understand the profound sorrow parents experience with the loss of a newborn or a baby born with serious injuries or profound disabilities. If the negligence of a doctor was responsible for a birth injury, we provide compassionate counsel and aggressive legal representation.

Contact our Cherry Hill, New Jersey law firm to arrange a consultation. Our attorneys can determine if you have grounds to bring a lawsuit for medical malpractice. We have represented parents in Camden County and throughout South Jersey.

Experience in Birth Injury Litigation

The accomplished trial lawyers of Shivers, Gosnay & Greatrex have the experience and resources to represent families in these complex cases, which rarely result in a voluntary settlement. We conduct a thorough investigation and hire top medical experts to demonstrate to a jury the negligence of an OB/GYN, surgeon or other medical professional.

Birth Injury

We will work to hold the delivering physician, hospital or midwife accountable for injury resulting from improper technique, surgical error, forceps or suction injury, or failure to perform a timely C-section:

  • Cerebral palsy and other brain damage from oxygen deprivation
  • Erb's palsy, brachial plexus injury and other nerve damage from use of force

Birth Defects

We have the experience and resources to bring wrongful birth lawsuits on behalf of parents in cases of genetic abnormalities or defects arising from complications of pregnancy. You may have a malpractice case if your physician failed to diagnose the condition and failed to inform you of options to terminate the pregnancy. Damages include the enormous costs of caring for a baby with special needs.

Wrongful Death

If your baby died from complications of a birth injury, or died in the womb because of negligent prenatal care, we have the experience and resources to represent your family in a wrongful death claim. These are difficult cases and New Jersey law does not allow for damages for future income as some states do, but we focus in these cases on the baby's suffering and the family's emotional losses.

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If the medical professionals failed you, we will fight for justice on your behalf. Contact us at 856-616-8080 to arrange a case evaluation.