Failure to Diagnose

Injury or Death from Delayed Diagnosis - South New Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers

We turn to doctors when we know something is wrong. Failure to diagnose a treatable condition robs patients of the chance to recover. If a loved one suffered permanent harm or died because of a doctor's diagnosis error, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

In a case evaluation, our experienced trial lawyers will examine the facts and determine if your claim has merit. Shivers, Gosnay & Greatrex, LLC has a strong record of success in medical malpractice litigation. Our Cherry Hill law firm serves clients throughout South Jersey. Contact us today.

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Failure to Diagnose: A Lost Chance for Recovery

Early diagnosis and aggressive treatment can mean all the difference with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, blood disorders or other chronic and potentially fatal diseases. In cases of failure to diagnose such an illness, we work to show that the doctor missed telltale signs or didn't follow standard procedures:

  • Failing to recognize symptoms of the disease
  • Failing to order additional tests
  • Misreading or ignoring test results
  • Failing to refer the case out to a specialist
  • Failing to follow up diagnosis with timely treatment

Shivers, Gosnay & Greatrex obtained a seven-figure verdict in the case of a 56-year-old client who did not learn he had a rare blood disorder until it was too late to save his life. We demonstrated that the doctor had the test results in his office and ignored suggestions from consultants, but never ordered the tests and treatment that would have admittedly saved his life.

We also fight to hold the hospital or HMO accountable for policies or decisions contributing to a failure to diagnose. For example, a client's HMO health plan may not allow referrals to a specialist or may not cover the diagnostic test that would have allowed early detection of the disease.

Our attorneys will fight hard to get the compensation your loved one needs, or vigorously pursue a wrongful death suit on behalf of surviving family members. Call us at 856-616-8080 for a consultation.