Misdiagnosis & Harmful Treatment

South New Jersey Emergency Room Error Lawyers

Accountability for a Wrong Diagnosis

When doctors come to the wrong conclusions, it often leads to harmful or unnecessary treatments. Or patients become gravely ill because of delayed treatment for their true condition. The medical malpractice lawyers of Shivers, Gosnay & Greatrex, LLC work to hold physicians and hospitals accountable for serious injury or death resulting from misdiagnosis.

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Misdiagnosis Lawsuits: When Treatment Does More Harm than Good

A doctor's initial error and follow-up decisions about treatment can leave a patient disabled, disfigured, terminally ill or too frequently cause death. Shivers, Gosnay & Greatrex has reviewed and litigated several cases for victims of a faulty medical diagnosis:

  • Unnecessary surgery such as a mastectomy or hysterectomy
  • Painful and needless radiation or chemotherapy
  • Organ damage from improper medications
  • Irreversible harm when deprived of the right medicine
  • Delayed treatment of a serious or terminal condition (e.g., a cancerous tumor misdiagnosed as a harmless cyst)

Our lawyers have been successful in demonstrating the negligence that led to a misdiagnosis: misreading of test results, ignoring suspicious symptoms, failure to perform a biopsy or order additional tests, or failing to get a second opinion or refer the patient to a specialist.

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