FELA & Maritime Injuries

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Seaman and Shore Worker Injuries • Railroad Worker Accidents

Attorney Donald Gosnay represents injured railroad workers and workers who are injured on the high seas. Injured railroad workers are protected by the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). Longshoremen and merchant seamen who are injured working at sea are protected by the Longshore and Harbor Workers Act and the Jones Act. Mr. Gosnay represents the rights of injured workers and pursues compensation for injuries, illnesses, and exposure to toxic substances.

If you or a loved one has a claim under maritime law or FELA, contact our Cherry Hill law firm. We offer consultations to injured railroad workers, longshoremen, ship crews and other maritime workers.

Maritime Law

Maritime law is a complex area of law that requires knowledgeable representation from an experienced attorney. With his extensive experience in state and federal court representing the rights of injured workers, clients feel confident choosing Mr. Gosnay for representation. Maritime law entitles workers who are injured at sea to maintenance and cure (medical care and wages) and other compensation for lasting injuries sustained while on the job.

Federal Employers Liability Act

Our firm has represented railroad employees who were exposed to hazardous, toxic substances. A large part of our practice is related to asbestos exposure. We also represent injured railroaders who were recently injured at work. We help injured people obtain full and fair compensation for work-related injuries. FELA claims are different than worker's compensation claims.

We represent family members who have lost a loved one through a work-related fatality. We respond compassionately to the needs of these families as we determine the negligent parties, pursue compensation, and seek justice.

Shivers, Gosnay & Greatrex, LLC represents rail workers, seamen and shore workers throughout South Jersey. Contact our firm, at 856-616-8080, to arrange a consultation.