Negligent Security

South New Jersey Negligent Security Attorneys

Property owners have the duty to adequately maintain and secure their property. Our firm represents people who are injured in hotels, malls, casinos, supermarkets, and other commercial properties because of negligent security. We represent crime victims who suffer brutal attacks, sexual assaults, and robberies because of an owner's negligence: broken or disabled locks at security entrances, or inadequate lighting, parking lot surveillance, or hotel security.

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Helping Victims of Violent Assaults

Industry standards require that commercial properties are adequately lit, have video surveillance, and a competent security plan. When properties do not meet these standards, innocent people can become victims of sexual assault, muggings, kidnapping or other violent assaults. Our skilled and aggressive representation enables crime victims to hold premises owners accountable for physical and emotional damages.

Atlantic City Case

We represented a man who was brutally attacked at the Trump Marina Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City. Although the casino security force was aware that other attacks had occurred in this very area of their property, they ignored their own procedures and policies and standard industry protocol - the management had virtually no security presence in the area where our client was assaulted. As a result, our client suffered catastrophic brain damage, leaving him in a wheelchair and severely neurologically impaired for life. We hired the top security and brain injury experts in the country to testify at trial and, despite the defendant's refusal to offer any settlement whatsoever, the jury returned a verdict of $4.8 million.

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