Cherry Hill Toxic Exposure Lawyers

Representing Clients Who Have Been Exposed to Toxins at Work and at Home

People who are exposed to toxic substances can suffer serious consequences, including neurological injuries and potentially fatal cancers. Property owners, manufacturers and other parties who expose people to toxins can be held legally accountable for these consequences.

At Shivers, Gosnay & Greatrex, LLC, our Cherry Hill toxic exposure attorneys pursue justice and fair compensation for clients throughout South Jersey who have suffered serious harm after being exposed to toxic chemicals and other substances in their workplaces and homes.

Seeking Fair Compensation for Exposure to All Types of Dangerous Substances

Our firm is highly experienced at pursuing claims against companies that have exposed their employees, neighbors and tenants to toxins. We work with credible physicians, environmental investigators and other experts to build strong cases for the results our clients deserve.

While most of our background is in industrial exposure cases, we also handle residential cases. We represent clients who have experienced all types of exposures, including the following:

Each partner at our firm has more than 25 years of New Jersey legal experience. We have obtained substantial verdicts and settlements in toxic exposure cases, and defense counsel know we are prepared to take cases to trial to achieve fair compensation for our clients.

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If you or a loved one has suffered serious harm as a result of exposure to a toxic substance, don't hesitate to contact us at 856-616-8080 or by e-mail to schedule a consultation. You will not pay us any legal fees unless our attorneys help you obtain money damages.