The following are examples of verdicts and settlements that the lawyers of Shivers, Gosnay & Greatrex, LLC have obtained for their clients. This is not offered as a representation, suggestion or guarantee of what can be expected in your case - each case is unique and the value of each case is determined by many factors.


  • $4.8 Million Verdict for a man who suffered catastrophic brain damage when he was assaulted at an Atlantic City Casino.
  • $1.9 Million Verdict ­ for another family that lived through the pain, suffering and ultimate death of their husband/ father due to asbestos-related cancer. This decedent had worked for many years at the Dupont - Chambersworks Plant. Verdict upheld on appeal.
  • $1.3 Million Verdict ­ for the family of a worker at the Texaco Refinery in Westville, NJ who suffered and died due to mesothelioma. Upheld on appeal.
  • $1.25 Million Award ­ for 4 workers at the Mobil Oil Refinery in Paulsboro, NJ who suffered from pleural thickening (scarring of the lining of the lung caused by asbestos exposure).
  • $350,000 - $800,000 Verdicts - The attorneys at Shivers, Gosnay & Greatrex, LLC, have won several awards in this range for workers who suffered and died as a result of Mesothelioma. The workers were exposed at work sites throughout the Delaware Valley, including the New York Shipyard in Camden, all of the South Jersey Duponts facilities, Mobil Oil and other petroleum and chemical processing facilities in the area. These victories have occurred in the Superior Courts of Gloucester County, Camden County, and Middlesex County. All have been upheld on appeal.
  • $160,000 - $290,000 Verdicts - for various clients who have suffered from asbestosis as a result of their exposure to asbestos at work sites throughout the Delaware Valley. All upheld on appeal.
  • $275,000 Verdict ­ for a woman who was sexually molested by her physician. The jury awarded compensatory and punitive damages against the doctor who improperly touched the patient during an exam for back injuries.
  • $175,000 Verdict ­ for a woman whose podiatrist negligently caused permanent nerve damage in her foot.


The lawyers at Shivers, Gosnay & Greatrex, LLC have negotiated settlements for hundreds of their clients over the past twenty years. The following are just a few examples of cases in which the specific settlement amounts are confidential, but have exceeded one million dollars in some cases and are six-figures in many others. Again, this is not a guarantee or suggestion as to the viability or value of your case, because each case is very fact sensitive and value is determined by many factors.

  • A worker who suffered from chemically induced asthma on the job and was forced to retire received a settlement from the manufacturer of the chemical.
  • A woman who suffered lung damage as a result of mold exposure received a settlement from the owner of the building where she worked.
  • A 68 year-old woman who had left knee replacement surgery received a settlement from the doctor who mistakenly put a right knee component in her left knee, resulting in the need for additional surgery and prolonged therapy.
  • A teacher who developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity received a settlement from the maintenance company that spilled an air conditioning solvent during a repair.
  • A number of men who were sexually abused by priests years before coming to SGG.
  • Our attorneys have settled hundreds of cases for clients that have suffered asbestos related diseases. Most cases involved bringing suit against, and settling with, dozens of companies that made and distributed the asbestos products that harmed our clients. Several of these case were settled after the trials had already started.
  • The widow of a painter received a settlement from the manufacturer of the hose for a power sprayer that hit electrical lines and caused his death. The case was in trial before a jury but settled after partner Gregg Shivers cross-examined the expert for the manufacturer and he conceded that the hose was defective.
  • A client received a settlement from the manufacturer of a high-pressure air hose for hearing loss associated with the rupture of the product.
  • Several clients who have been injured in serious motor vehicle accidents have received substantial settlements from those responsible for their injuries.
  • A woman who suffered severe, permanent back injuries when the bench she was sitting on in a restaurant collapsed, received a settlement from the restaurant.
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